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Scholarship Support for Rwandan Student in France

March 9 , 2016 -- His Majesty and the King Kigeli Foundation are delighted to announce the award of a sizeable scholarship to a Rwandan student (name withheld for privacy) studying architecture in France. The King Kigeli Foundation also wishes to express sincere appreciation to all donors, particularly Fashion Group International of the Desert Communities - Regional Director Jack Williams and HOLSJ - United States Grand Priory - Christopher A. Chambers, Chancellor.

The left two pictures are recent, while the third picture was the student while living in Rwanda. The student's vibrant personality and dedication to academic success were the deciding votes in her selection. Her Majesty and his team both congratulate her and look forward to her continued development.

The King Kigeli Foundation also wishes to publicly thank private donors to His Majesty's educational efforts:

Karen Cantrell

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