Every noble activity makes room for itself

Charitable Knights

Two containers of medical supplies valued at $10,000 were sent to the Central University Hospital in the Republic of Georgia.

Humanitarian Affairs

March 9, 2016 - His Majesty and the King Kigeli Foundation are delighted to announce the award of a sizeable scholarship to a Rwandan student study architecture in France.

Humanitarian Affairs


His Majesty King Yuhi VI supports a diverse array of humanitarian programs in an effort to take care of all Rwandan peoples wherever they are.

1. Royal Council

    The Royal Council coordinates humanitarian activities and represents His Majesty in various countries;
    The vast majority of the Council is comprised of persons with personal of Rwandese descent, and it is governed by His Majesty's Chancellor;

2. Permanent Committee

    Refugee aid and safe return;
    To promote universal human rights;

3. Development Goals

    Mindful of Millennium Development Goals of the UN, His Majesty's interests include key areas of Rwanda's economy: Agriculture, Aquaculture and Forestry;
    Advances in Rwanda's healthcare; progress in the medical fields that affects the key senses. Diseases, common in Africa, may cause deafness or blindness;
    Education: His Majesty wishes to create academic relations between The Foundation and a chosen few of the top international Universities, thereby promoting goodwill, and lasting partnerships, beneficial to Africans in general, and to the People of Rwanda, in particular.
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