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Announcement of New Head of the Royal House

January 9, 2017 – The Chancellery and Royal Council of the de jure Kingdom of Rwanda are pleased to announce the successor to H.M. King Kigeli V, the last king to reign in Rwanda.  Traditionally, this is announced by the abiru, the traditional secret guardians of the Mwami’s secrets, including the knowledge of the heir, at the burial of the previous king.  However, given that the Chancellery, Royal Council, and some members of the Royal family do not have custody of His Late Majesty’s body, the abiru are now publicly announcing that the heir and successor is H.R.H. Prince Emmanuel Bushayija, who is a nephew of His Late Majesty.  The ceremonies of the new Mwami are in process and will be revealed shortly.  In accordance with tradition, H.R.H. Prince Emmanuel will take a new name as Mwami, and he has chosen Yuhi VI.

The head abiru, Chancellor Boniface Benzinge, and supported by a document signed by His Late Majesty King Kigeli V in 2006, witnessed then by multiple people and notarized and filed with an attorney, allows Chancellor Benzinge to release the following statement in Kinyarwandan and English:

"The Rwandan Royal Council of Abiru Hereby informs all Rwandans and friends of Rwanda that in keeping with the ancient custom, it has Acclaimed His Royal Highness Prince Emmanuel Bushayija as the Successor of His Late Majesty King Kigeri V Ndahindurwa, who passed away on October 16, 2016, in the United States.

The Royal name of His Majesty Emmanuel Bushayija shall be His Majesty King Yuhi VI.

His Majesty King Yuhi VI Bushayija is the son of His Royal Highness Theoneste Bushayija and grandson of His Majesty King Yuhi V Musinga.  He was born in Rwanda on December 20, 1960.  He is married and is the father of two children.  He grew up in exile in Uganda, where he studied at Iganga Secondary School and worked for PEPSI Cola in Kampala.  He also lived in Kenya, working in the tourism industry, before returning to Rwanda in July of 1994.

His Majesty King Yuhi VI Bushayija left Rwanda in 2000 and has resided in the United Kingdom since then."

Chancellor Boniface Benzinge is authorised to perform this function, as the abiru have done for hundreds of years, as His Late Majesty declared in 2006:

 H.M. Yuhi VI shortly after the announcement (photo courtesy: TV Monarquia Portuguesa):


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