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T.I.H. Prince and Princess Ermias Sahle Selassie Receive New Honors from His Majesty

September 17, 2016 -- His Majesty was pleased to award the Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Crown of Rwanda to his dear friend, H.I.H. Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie, President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia and grandson of H.I.M. Haile Selessie, Emperor of Ethiopia.  H.I.H. Prince Ermias had previously been granted the Grand Collar of the Royal Order of the Drum and Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Lion (the latter was also awarded to his grandfather when he was alive).  H.I.H. Princess Saba received the Grand Cross in the Royal Order of the Crested Crane of Rwanda.

H.I.H. Prince Ermias receives the Letters Patent from Deputy Secretary General Craig Paterson.

H.I.H. Princess Saba receives the honor.

The awards were made during a conference of an important charity that His Majesty supports.

Christopher Chambers, H.I.H. Princess Saba, H.I.H. Prince Ermias, Deputy Secretary General Craig Paterson, and Karen Cantrell enjoy the moment.


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