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Visit to Casale Monferrato

April 14, 2018 – H.M. Yuhi VI, Head of the Royal House of Rwanda, visited Casale Monferrato (Italy) from 13 - 15 April to attend the Ball, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the end of the last war of Italian Risorgimento: The First World War.

Ana Bagration-Gruzinsky and Nugzar Bagration-Gruzinsky 

At the reception, H.M. Yuhi VI delivered a speech, full text of which can be found below:


Your Imperial and Royal Highnesses; 

Your Excellencies; 

Ladies and Gentlemen; 

It pleases us to be welcomed back to this historic palace on occasion of the annual Ball. 

It was here that my uncle, His Majesty King Kigeli V, was first welcomed into the Royal and Noble circles of Europe after having reestablished fraternal ties with the Royal House of Portugal in the person of His Royal Highness Dom Duarte, the Duke of Bragança. 

It was here that you also welcomed me into this Royal and Noble Circle last year after being introduced by Dom Duarte who was such a close personal friend of my dear and saintly uncle and who has been a fraternal guiding force of support to me after I rose to the Headship of the Royal House of Rwanda. 

All Royal Houses have a history of triumphs and tragedies. My Grandfather for example, who was a great King and Warrior failed however to recognize that modernization and conversion was necessary in his position so as to better deal with the reality of European Colonialism and to better protect his people. Sadly, he was forced to abdicate by the Protectorate of a Kingdom that left a terrible mark in various countries Africa. 

Both my uncles however, studied abroad and were open to the modernization and westernization of Rwanda and its Monarchy and their success in gaining the recognition of Rwandan Sovereignty from the United Nations, various rulers and the Pope, unfortunately resulted in the murder of King Mutara and the prohibition of the return of King Kigeli to Rwanda following his address at the United Nations. Both vile acts were motivated, not by the people of Rwanda, but by the guests in our country and the opposing forces outside it. The ultimate result was the horrible massacre of millions that took place. 

King Kigeli V, although exiled, never formally abdicated and so believed himself to have the full Fons Honorum of a former ruling Head of State. Some of the decisions made during the many years of his exile may be considered questionable, I, as Emmanuel Bushayija, Head of the Royal House of Rwanda, will act as a Guardian and Manager of all of our traditions. But at the same time, as Yuhi VI, I must strive to be a King to my people, a title which is synonymous with Father. Desiring to adapt it to the realities of the twenty first century I must be a father whose voice should be a call to the upholding of the Christian moral family values that best reflect the ancestral, national and cultural union that is also rooted in the heritage of the customs and traditions of our people and the preservation of the beauty of our country. 

Having lived in England for many years as a Subject of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, it has perhaps prepared me to be the Head of this ancient Royal House conscious of the reality of this modern age. Therefore, in this position that God has prepared me for and which in many ways is no less important than that of my forefathers who ruled on the Throne as Heads of my Country, I know that those here and abroad who share this great responsibility also know that in order for the ideals of Monarchy, Chivalry and Nobility to survive in the modern World, we must adapt to the new realities without abdicating what is at the heart of these ancient concepts that will serve as a guide for future generations. 

For this reason, I am very grateful to all those who have helped my uncle in the past and those who are helping me through the Prester John Institute to reorganize the affairs of the Rwandan Royal House. 

I am especially grateful to the Representatives of the many Imperial and Royal Houses who have fraternally welcomed me into their circle and especially to Count Pier Felice and Countess Maria Loredana on both of whom I am pleased to bestow the Grand Collar of the highest Order of our Rwandan Royal House. 

I wish upon all of you God's abundant blessings during Eastertide.

Casale Monferrato, April 14th. 2018

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