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Clarification from the Crown Council of Rwanda

January 15, 2017 -- The Prester John Institute, working in accord with the Crown Council of Rwanda, has issued the following statement:

"CLARIFICATION - The Prester John Institute being aware of various misleading comments circulating and having been contacted by Royal Patrons and Members with requests for clarification regarding the Proclamation of the new Head of the Royal House of Rwanda and the Acclamation and Treatment of H.R.H. Prince Emmanuel Bushayija as His Majesty King Yuhi VI, Hereby informs the following:


1. The Abiru Crown Council Headed by myself Chancellor Boniface Benzinge Hereby clarifies that the Acclamation of the new King of the Rwandan peoples was an act entirely in keeping with ancient ancestral tradition and custom of the appointment of a new "Father of the Nation and of the people", known in Rwandan as the "Umwami" meaning King.

2. The Rwandan title of the King of all Rwandans has always been translated into the European equivalent of "King" with the corresponding treatment of "His Majesty" and this already in the 16th Century. It was always the case during the time of the German Protectorate and maintained under the Belgian occupying forces. The title of King also has had the recognition of the Papacy and of all Heads of State of the Countries that comprised the League of Nations and later the United Nations.

3. The Proclamation of the "King of Rwanda" was always traditionally carried out by a public Proclamation made by the Abiru Head as Regent, any time before the burial of the King in accordance with the "In Pectore" wishes of the deceased King. Said Acclamation never required any additional Ritual, Blessing, Anointing, Enthronement or Coronation Ceremony with Crown, Robes or Insignia in order to confer or confirm this Royal Title, Dignity and Charge.

4. Given that His Majesty King Kigeli V, as Head of State, was the last "Ruling" King of Rwanda to have been both King of the Peoples but also of the Lands and Lakes, it will not be proper for the Current or any future Acclaimed non-reigning Dynastic Head as Constitutional Titular King and Head of the Royal House to Create or Grant any new Titles or Orders of Chivalry or Styles after those that were Granted, Ratified and Registered in the Rosters of the Prester John Institute. The Head of the Regency in Exile will however regulate all grants and assume the Charge of the Grand Master of the Dynastic Orders,

5. In accordance with the Notarized Documents Signed and Sealed before a Notary by His late Majesty King Kigeli V, in 2006 and 2009, any attempts by holders of Rwandan honors to register them in any Chivalric, Heraldic or Academic organization "Forum of Nobility" other than the "Prester John Institute" of which His Majesty King Kigeli V was a Founding Member and Regent, will render such honors "Ipso Facto" Null and Void and forever stricken from the Official Rosters without need for a formal pronouncement to the effect.

Signed at Fatima, Portugal in the 100th year of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fátima,

God Grant King Kigeli V Eternal Rest! God Grant King Yuhi VI Long Life!

January 15th, 2017
(Issued during the Burial of the body of His Majesty in Rwanda)

Boniface Benzinge
Royal Chancellor to King Yuhi VI and Abiru Crown Council Head"

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