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H.M. King Kigeli V's Funeral

January 15, 2017 -- His Late Majesty was laid to rest at Nyanza, Rwanda, at the burial site of his elder brother, H.M. King Mutara III.  Nyanza is also where His Late Majesty had his enthronement as Mwami.

A video link to some of the ceremony is below:

Video Highlights of His Late Majesty's Funeral

The Film is Courtesy of Kigali Today TV

The Prester John Institute, of which His Late Majesty was a founding member, had the following insightful observations:

"His Majesty´s remains are buried in Rwanda in a beautiful ceremony organized and presided by the Roman Catholic Bishop but without any official state honors as former Head of State, no decree of national mourning or even the lowering of the flag.  The Minister of Sports was in attendance."


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