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Video of the Proclamation of H.M. Yuhi VI by Head Abiru Chancellor Boniface Benzinge

January 12, 2017 -- A video from January 9, 2017, has been released wherein Chancellor Boniface Benzinge announces the successor to His Majesty King Kigeli V:

Declaration of Successor to H.M. King Kigeli V and Creation of Crown Council

Chancellor Boniface Benzinge is authorised to perform this function, as the abiru have done for hundreds of years, as His Late Majesty declared in 2006:

The current Secretary General is Guye Pennington, and the current Deputy Secretary General is Craig Paterson.  The Royal Council, an advisory body to His Late Majesty that is composed mostly of Rwandese, will likely be re-commissioned as the Crown Council.

H.M. Yuhi VI shortly after the announcement (photo courtesy: TV Monarquia Portuguesa):

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