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Clarification Regarding Funeral of H.M. King Kigeli V

January 6, 2017 -- Following the death and Requiem Mass that was celebrated for His Late Majesty King Kigeli V of Rwanda at the Roman Catholic Parish he attended in Virginia, USA, it is now confirmed that a half-sister of His Late Majesty, backed by the current government of Rwanda, filed suit in a U.S. court against two of His Majesty's nephews, the nephews being supported by the Chancellery and Royal Council (established by His Majesty), for possession of the Royal remains.

The intent of those opposing the Royal Council's burial plans was to oppose the King's personal burial wishes and have the body of His Late Majesty buried in Rwanda.  This was something the King did not want to happen as long as the current government administration that was hostile to His Late Majesty in life was still in power.
During the trial preparation and trial, the embalmed body of His Late Majesty has remained in storage in the funeral home facilities, an unfortunate and disrespectful situation that the Royal Council greatly laments.
Now, given that the Virginia Court has just ruled in favor of the body of the King being turned over to the half-sister, who is supported by the Rwandan government, to buried in Rwanda, the Royal Council informs that in protest against this decision the Official Funeral Mass will be arranged in connection with the Prester John Institute and the place and time will be announced.
The Royal Council wishes to thank all those who have expressed their condolences, have offered prayers and Masses, and who may have contributed to the King Kigeli Foundation funeral fund.
For more information on the Funeral Mass, please contact the Chancellery of the Royal Council or the Secretariat of the Prester John Institute.
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