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The Royal Trip to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - June 28

June 28, 2016 -- His Majesty began the day with a highly enjoyable visit to Kelmscott School in East London.  It was a pleasure to visit some of the classrooms and see the hard work of the administrators and teachers.  His Majesty was further delighted to have students practice their French with him.

His Majesty is introduced to the students in one classroom.

The next stop was the City of London.  His Majesty received the Freedom of the City of London with accompanying certificate and a sword of honor.  Technically, although the Freedom honour allows the grantee to legally carry a sword publicly within the City, this was not recommended in the modern era.  A delightful venerable book of proper behaviour was also given.  His Majesty was touched and grateful for the award.

After the award ceremony, a splendid lunch was held at the City of London in celebration.  After the luncheon, His Majesty visited the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers at Fishmongers' Hall.  Although a quick visit, all were entertained and impressed by the history of the Guild.

His Majesty enjoys a quiet moment before the tour.

The delegation poses for a quick picture.

Upon the conclusion of the visit to the Fishmongers' Guild at London Bridge, His Majesty traveled to Windsor Castle to meet with the Dean of St. George's Chapel.  At Evensong, a prayer for both His Majesty and the Rwandan people was given, and His Majesty and his delegation were received afterward in the quarters of the Dean.  A private tour of St. George's Chapel (no photos were taken out of respect for the sanctity of the church) was provided, along with fascinating history about this sacred site.

Given that the lion is an important symbol in both the United Kingdom and Rwanda, His Majesty gave a breast star, sash, sash badge, and miniature of The Royal Order of the Lion of Rwanda and a personal picture to become part of the permanent collection in the Archives of St. George's Chapel.  The Dean was also given a customized pair of cuff links with His Majesty's heraldry.

Private Secretary Guye Pennington presents the gifts to The Dean.  This photo has been reviewed and approved for publication by staff at St. George's Chapel.

Chancellor Benzinge listens carefully to The Dean's engaging historical perspective.  This photo has been reviewed and approved for publication by staff at St. George's Chapel.

His Majesty received a beautiful plate trimmed in gold for the visit, along with a book on the magnificent choir at the Chapel.

That evening, His Majesty and the delegation lodged at The Farmers Club, a historic venue.

The garden in the back of the Club is quite attractive.

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