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Charitable Knights - December 2006

On December 19, 2006, two containers of medical supplies were sent by H.M. King Kigeli's representatives to Dr. Dreschnack in Louisiana, United States. Dr. Dreschnack, in turn, delivered them to Dr. Kipshidze's Clinic at the Central University Hospital in the Republic of Georgia. Amongst other things, the containers consisted of components for half ring and standard single frame external fixator devices, 100 sterile surgical packs of biogel gloves, 10 packs of sterile suture and 27 linvatec surgical arthroscopic shavers. The approximate value of these supplies if purchased new at fair market value is U.S. $10,000. H.M. King Kigeli is exceedingly grateful to Chevalier Dr. Andrew J. Schoenfeld, KCLR, MD, S.E. Chevalier Guye Pennington, GCLR, and Dr. Carl Lindgren (privacy requested for honors) for their contribution and efforts in this endeavor.

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