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Charitable Knights - May 5, 2006

On May 5, 2006, a medical relief package (valued at approximately U.S. $8,000) was donated by representatives of H.M. King Kigeli to assist the needs of the people of the Republic of Sao Tome y Principe. Amongst other things, the shipment included five central line kits, six hickman catheter kits, 22 intravenous starter kits, 10 packs of intravenous line tubing, 16 electrocautery devices, 29 electrocautery tips (16 on the devices and 13 free-standing), one pair of microsurgical scissors, right angle surgical scissors, and four surgical staplers.

H.M. King Kigeli's representatives had the pleasure of working with Bishop Emeritus of Sao Tome y Principe and various advisors to the H.R.H. the Duke of Braganza, all of whom assisted in the coordination and delivery of these items.

His Majesty is greatly appreciative of the efforts of Dr. Andrew J. Schoenfeld, MD; Guye Pennington; and Alex Montague for their contributions and work in this endeavor.

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